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The Meadow

May 25, 2008

For anyone wondering where Sage Meadow Studio comes from, this is the actual “sage meadow” next to my home. I grew up on this land. It’s been in my family for decades and it’s a part of me. I love this quiet place.

The scents of sage brush in the rain and sage mixed with dust on a hot summer day, a warm breeze carrying the light perfumed fragrance of scrubby Russian Olive trees (you can see them in the background of this picture)…these all evoke images of home and peace and carefree childhood for me, of riding on the front of my daddy’s motorcycle while he tended his water, of warm summer nights playing “No Bears are Out Tonight” or listening to the soft clicking of the sprinklers in the field next door. Ahhh. Makes me feel good just thinking about it.

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