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Grandma’s Quilt

September 26, 2008

Just after I finished high school, my mother’s mother came to stay with my family for a few summers. I remember thinking it was pretty cool, because she slept in my bed and I got to move out to the camper for a few months…it was always fun to sleep in the big bed out there. At the end of the summer, she would return to stay with my aunts down south.

At the time, I was helping out in my mom’s company, cutting, inspecting and tacking bows on frilly little dresses for her store. We had huge boxes filled with scraps of all kinds of fabric. Grandma asked if she could have some, and we happily sent a bunch of them with her when she left. Just before my wedding a few years later, when her health was such that she could no longer make the arduous trip, a big box arrived from my sweet grandmother, and this log-cabin quilt was inside. It means more to me every day, I remember working with most of these prints, and the thought of her putting her love into it is priceless.

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