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October 21, 2008

I love Fall decorating, it feels so warm and cozy, and I’ve scheduled time to do it for the past several weeks…and then I’ve promptly been distracted and busy being busy and have accomplished exactly nada! So last night my darling Miss J gave up on me and literally dragged our bins full of Fall bounty out of the storage room and dug in. Which means that today, instead of sewing as planned, I have a lot of household stuff to process and fluff and find places for! Sheesh, I drive myself crazy.

My friend Arynne tagged me the other day, so I’ll finish off today with some random bits of information about me:

Four TV Shows I Watch:
1-Project Runway
2-Curious George
3-Everybody Loves Raymond reruns

Four Favorite Restaurants:
4-Bajio Grill

Four Things That Happened Yesterday:
1-Miss J was pretty much meltdown-free
2-Miss M took a nap…those are sadly becoming things of the past
3-Had my in-laws over for a yummy supper
4-Started my fall decorating! 😉

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To:
2-A truly clean house
3-My birthday

Four Things On My Wish List:
1-Overcoming my tendency to not follow through on projects
2-Building a garage
3-A nice sharp pair of fabric scissors
4-An adorable winter coat

Four Things I’m Grateful For:
1-My family
2-My friends
3-My internet connection
4-Each new day!

Four People to Tag:
That’s it…my brain is now officially fried, so if you read this, consider yourself tagged!

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  1. Arynne permalink
    October 21, 2008 8:53 pm

    Sorry to tag you…but so glad to find out some fun things! I completely understand the fall decorating thing. My kids are so disappointed that I have put Halloween decorations off for so long that it just isn’t worth it now! Maybe for Thanksgiving?? Now that I think about it, I’ll just shoot for Christmas!

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