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Princesses Wear Crowns

January 22, 2009

Little Miss M woke up with a crazy, frizzy messy third-day hairdo going on this morning, and it was looking like she’d not had any mama attention for quite some time…Who, me? So I decided to give her something special for the day, and thankfully the girl was mostly patient with my frequent “Chin up! Hold still! Look at the top of the wall!” instructions. Once I gave her a little chocolatey treat, that is. Hey, a girl’s gotta do…


I discovered the world of hair blogs a couple months ago. These girls have some fun, different, ideas…some are complex, others just look that way. It’s been nice to have new options, because since mid-Kindergarten, Miss J has had this thing about her hair: it must be in a ponytail at all times. Which is fine, but bo-ring. So I try to spice things up with knots and flips and a weave here and there when she’s feeling magnanamous and I’m feeling inspired.


And just for you girls out there who need a little lift today (okay, and me!), here’s the saying on the back of Miss M’s shirt today, courtesy of the fabulous Matilda Jane:


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