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Coming Home

January 2, 2015

Follow Your Heart

How will things be if you jump off the track your life has been on for thirty years, trusting that the Lord has an entirely unique and un-imagined path for you to traverse instead?

Human beings are creatures of comfort and habit. We prefer the ‘known’ path, because we think we can see the next steps, we think we know what to expect, and we can try to make plans for dealing with those expectations. Thinking we know how things are and will be has the potential to keep us pinned in places that might be okay, or not. What if this thinking limits our potential to soar high above our wildest dreams? What if there are opportunities out there we aren’t aware of?

I took that leap six weeks ago. I didn’t know for sure if I’d ever have the courage to do it, and can I tell you? It feels amazing to realize that I do! I came home. Home to be present with my husband. Home to be present with and nurture my children. Home to a feeling of inner peace that calms me when I begin to worry. Home to be thankful for and enjoy what I have. Home to rekindle my creativity. Home to rest, to become centered and prepare to follow the new direction my path will take.

I have no idea where this journey is leading, but I’m happy to be on it. It feels right. Like coming home.

“…be not afraid.” John 6:20


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